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Dr. Green Discusses The Top 10 Facial Cleansers for Mature Skin

Dermstore discusses what one can do with their skin care routine with various dermatologists. In this article – “Best Face Cleansers for Every Mature Skin Concern” – Dr. Michele Green, MD, recommends looking out for ingredients such as panthenol or provitamin B5 and glycolic acid to provide your skin with moisture while gently washing away impurities. She also adds, “If you have normal skin, you want to avoid ingredients such as mineral oil, lauryl sulfate and alcohol.”

Other tips from Dr. Green talk about taking care of acne prone skin – “If you’re prone to acne, avoid products containing oils and alcohol as these can clog your pores and increase sebum production.” Older skin can also benefit from the use of retinols and vitamins C and E to produce collagen and protect skin from free radical damage, while antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E can also brighten dull and tired-looking skin, says Dr. Green.

Find out more about the top 10 face cleansers for mature skin and read the full list at

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