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Dermatology & Food: The Best Nuts for Healthy Skin

Nuts are a big part of the protein group in the overall food pyramid. And while not all nuts are healthy (especially if combined with sugar and other negative factors), there are some that can help with not only your overall diet, but your skin care regime also.

Almonds for instance are optimal choices for both dietary and skin care needs. It not only is a healthy choice of protein and can aid a healthy heart, but it can also help reduce inflammation of the skin – including problems like acne and eczema. Brazil nuts and cashew nuts are also good for acne, with their selenium-rich content.



And as per Dr. Michele S. Green’s recommendation a while back in – taking vitamins such as Selenium, Vitamin-C, and B-vitamins all help to build collagen and maintain healthy skin, hair and nails.

Of course, all of these are best eaten in moderation, for instance some nuts can start to add up when looking in the totals of fatty acids, which while good for one’s mood, relieving stress for instance – and in turn reducing wrinkles potentially, these are not meant to be eaten in large quantities. And of course, dry roasted, honey roasted and salted nuts have their own risks. Brazil nuts might be good for energy and Selenium for instance, but are high in calories and fat.

Sunflower seeds are another common snack that have skin and hair benefits too. With plenty of vitamins and fiber, it works as a snack, keeps blood flow strong, skin healthy and even the skins of the seeds can be used as a natural scrub! Other popular nuts include Pistachios, which is rich in vitamin E and like Almonds, can help break down toxins. While Walnuts can help decrease wrinkles due to its copper, which can help boost collagen production (giving skin its strength and structure) and decreasing blood pressure. They are also known to have melatonin, which can equal better sleep patterns, and a key to maintaining good skin (and reducing stress), is sleep – so there are indirect benefits too.

While there are many products based from nuts too, such as walnut oil and macadamia nut oil, the best way to get benefits from nuts is to eat them as is. There are many types of nuts available at your local stores, as well as online, with sites like – specializing in them, with an array of snacks from cashews and chestnuts to pine nuts, soy nuts and more.

And find out how to get the right care for your skin with Dr. Green and schedule an appointment today.

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