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Dr. Michele Green takes a closer look at various dermatology treatments. For instance, you can find out how Thermage works, details about laser skin treatments such as Fraxel, or info on what CoolSculpting is, all via our blog and get information from one of the best dermatologists in New York City.1

Popular Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments for the Winter Months

The weather may be cooler, the sunshine out for fewer hours in each day and people are more likely to stay indoors. However, this also means that the winter months are a great time to remove the sun damage from the Summer months through a simple cosmetic dermatology procedure. Below is a list of common…

There is No Such Thing as ‘Waterproof’ Sunscreen

Waterproof Sunscreen? It’s a myth, find out why from Dr. Green as she discusses how sunscreens have changed from “waterproof” to “water resistant” and how it all works. No sunscreen is in actuality “waterproof” they changed the regulations, so that you’re only allowed to say that the sunscreen is water resistant, you’re not allowed to…

Why You Should Avoid Spray Sunscreen

Dr. Michele Green MD discusses why spray sunscreen should be avoided, especially with recent findings showing that the SPF sprays have various risks for children. Now they’re looking at the sprays, because they used to think they were as effective as the lotions and creams, but they realize now that the sprays are not penetrating…

When Should You Apply Sunscreen

Ahead of the Independence Day holiday weekend, many people will be spending time out in the sun. So when is the right time to apply sunscreen? Watch Dr. Michele Green discuss how to get the best effect from applying sunscreen before going out in the sun this summer. Most people go outside and then they…

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