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Walk in Botox, Potential Risks & Dangers

Botox injections are a very popular treatment that has been shown to work well for treating fine lines, double chins, crow’s feet, frown lines and more. Because Botox is well known, and quick to administer (it can be done during your lunch break) and the recent news about “walk in Botox” being available and a simple option where you walk in and order your preferred options – there is also this tendency to think that anyone can safely administer Botox® cosmetic treatments.

It is true that issues and side effects caused by Botox are minimal, but individuals should keep in mind one of the key reasons for this is that traditionally it has been administered by a qualified doctor or a physician’s assistant with the doctor present at the practice or medical center. With the advent of walk in Botox services that can be carried out in a range of different environments, from the shopping mall to even at your dentist, concerns have been raised that people are putting themselves in unnecessary risk by having Botox carried out by individuals who are not necessarily as qualified medically as most traditional practitioners and board certified doctors.

What are the risks of Botox?

Because Botox has a good reputation when it comes to effectiveness and the lack of side effects, many act quite casual about the procedure, thinking that the treatment comes with no risks at all. Although Botox is safe when performed by the right hands, care still needs to be taken when administering the treatment to a patient. When comparing Botox to laser treatments, facial fillers and even plastic surgery, it is a treatment that is perhaps more straight forward, but it is still a medical procedure that has undergone the stringent approval review by the FDA. As a service or treatment it is not as straight forward as the typical skin care routines or facials you may pick up at your local beautician for example.

When it comes to walk in Botox services some of the key concerns include the following:

  1. Is the person carrying out the procedure well qualified and experienced to do so? It is one thing to be able to legally administer Botox to a patient, but quite another to find a doctor that is qualified to carry out different treatments and procedures covering a spectrum of cosmetic treatments. One of the main risks with Botox is the incorrect placement of the serum. Mistakes here can lead to infection, poor results, and even paralysis.
  2. Is the doctor qualified? Another issue is whether a qualified medical doctor is available at the location to ensure things go smoothly, and to intervene in case of issues and problems? Botox is a very safe procedure in the right hands, but you should ensure that you are happy with the facilities and the qualifications of the individual doing the work.
  3. Does the person receiving the treatment fully understand the risks, after-care required and the process completely? Our patients need to make an appointment for any treatment, to ensure that the patient has been appraised in advance and is fully aware of the process.
  4. What is the risk of side effects? This is important for all individuals, but vital for individuals who have never had a Botox treatment before. In a small percentage of individuals there can be an allergic reaction to the serum, so it is important to identify this and any other medical condition that might be applicable in advance.
  5. Are the facilities hygienic and clean, as you might find in a medical spa or doctor’s office? One of the risks of having an injection is infection, so a high standard of cleanliness is vitally important.

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Are walk in Botox appointments available?

Dr Green takes your healthcare seriously so that is why walk in Botox appointments are not available. Those looking for an expert Botox practitioner will have a thorough consultation with Dr. Green prior to the commencement of any treatment. This is to ensure that you will receive the very best care and the right cosmetic procedure to suit your needs and requirements.

If you have questions on Botox and would like to find out more and whether it is a good cosmetic procedure for you, contact Dr. Green and she can discuss the Botox treatment with you. You can also call us at 212 535 3088

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