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There are many sophisticated creams on the market which promise to turn back the clock, reduce puffiness, discoloration and brighten the areas under eyes. With the constant use of the computer, and staring at our cellphone screens, even teenagers and young adults are getting under eye bags, puffy eyes and dark circles. Although doing something is better than doing nothing at all you may need more than an eye cream or gel to correct your eye bags and swollen eye area.  Unfortunately, most available topical creams and home remedies will do very little to reduce under eye bags permanently. Most of these products will only temporarily reduce under eye puffiness and wrinkles.

Before and After of Female patient (Botox & Juvederm)

Several factors cause under eye bags such as degeneration of collagen, smoking, genetics and sun exposure. As you age, the collagen and elastin structures supporting the eyelids weaken causing the skin to sag. Also, the space underneath the eyes can accumulate fluid, making the under-eye area appear puffy and swollen. Loss of fat tissue in the surrounding area under the eyes can cause it to bulge and swell.

Factors that may cause under eye bags

Smoking and drinking

Smoking produces substances that cause premature aging. These substances break down the collagen and elastin in the skin that keeps it firm. The nicotine causes restriction of the blood vessels in the skin which results in less oxygen and vitamins getting to the surface. As a result, the skin prematurely, ages and the under eyes start to sag. Also, the facial expression such as squinting when you smoke can result in lines around and under the eyes.   Alcohol consumption can also cause issues with the skin too.

Sun exposure

Overexposure to the sun damages the collagen and elastin fibers under the eyes causing it to sag. This is more prominent in delicate skin, where changes in under eye skin tone are more visible.


Chances are if your Mother or Father had or has under eye bags you are more likely to have them as well.

Getting treatment for under eye bags early will increase the chance of therapy giving you better results. Under eye bags can be treated by relaxing the muscles around the eyes, filling in the volume loss and strengthening the skin.

Home remedies such as cold compresses and cucumber slices may be popular at times, as are over the counter options such as an eye cream or eye mask, however, if you’ve noticed that your under-eye bags are progressively getting worse, the best option is to visit a board-certified dermatologist immediately.

Treatment Options for Under-Eye Bags and Under-Eye Circles

Thermage and Fraxel are two laser treatments that can treat the under eyes stimulating collagen production and eliminating wrinkles.

Thermage targets the collagen-rich dermis as well as the fiber in the subcutaneous adipose tissue layer by bulk-heating and uniformly distributing heat energy.  The result is immediate collagen contraction from the heat applied as well as gradual collagen remodeling. Optimal results require a few follow up visits and are generally seen within three to six months.

Fraxel Dual uses fractional laser technology which penetrates deep into the skin layers this triggers the body to promote its natural healing. The results of Fraxel are gradual over time as the body replaces old damaged skin cells replacing it with new collagen and elastin.

Botox / Dysport Injections

Tiny amounts of Botox and Dysport are injected around the eyes. The injections relax the eye muscles which causes the skin to appear to smother diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.  The effects of the treatment last approximately three to four months.

Restylane / Juvederm Injections

These are hyaluronic based dermal fillers which are great for filling the fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes and hollowness.  Hyaluronic acid can hold up to one thousand times its weight in water. It works by binding the water molecules to plump the skin and restore a youthful appearance naturally.  The effects of these injections can last from six to eighteen months.

Belotero Injections

Belotero Balance is another injection option that helps temporarily smooth out and fill in moderate to severe wrinkles under the eyes. It is also a Hyaluronic Acid filler, but has some unique properties to it, that may work for particular cases. For instance, the lower density and reduced depth of injection in comparison to Juvederm may benefit more for fine lines and surface wrinkles.

Dr. Michele S. Green, a board certified dermatologist based in NYC, practices the latest techniques in skin care to give you the look that you deserve. To learn more contact us online today or call 212-535-3088.

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