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What is Milia? The Guide to Getting Rid of Under-Eye Milia

RealSelf asks Dr. Green what is Milia. Also known as milium cysts, they are small, pearly white or yellow bumps that are commonly mistaken for whiteheads forming under the eye. Dr. Green notes that “Milia are often mistaken for whiteheads, but the distinction is that they can be extracted and do not need acne medication for treatment.”

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The article talks about various types of milia such as primary milia, or rarer forms of milia, such as milia en plaque, which appears on the face or body in clumps. In addition to that it looks at how long Milia can last, who might be prone to it and how to treat it.

Milia is generally harmless, but a “dermatologist can safely and effectively extract milia for you,” Dr. Green says. In all cases, “You should not attempt to squeeze or try to extract them on your own, as this can cause trauma to the skin and scarring,” Dr. Green says.

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