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Can your skin type change over time? This is what Byrdie asked Dr. Green in “How Your Skin Type Can Change” today.


Dr. Green mentions in the article that “Your skin type can change over time due to environmental factors, age, hormones and other health-related issues,” and that “there are factors like climate that can cause minor or major adjustment to your skin type.”

Whether it is medication, stress level, diet or location, many factors can affect skin production of oil. If it is oilier, it can be hormonal too, or can be because of skincare products, even if you’ve been using the same ones for a long time. “It’s certainly helpful to change up your routine because your skin evolves over time.” For instance you might have a skincare routine for dry skin, but perhaps your skin is not dry anymore.

Read the full article and questions answered by Dr. Green at

And to find out how your skin has changed over time, the best bet is always to see your dermatologist.

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