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Viviscal Hair Growth & Hair Loss Treatment, Does it Work?

Dr Michele Green was interviewed in Byrdie today in the article “Does Viviscal Actually Work? We Asked a Dermatologist” where she talked about how it can be used to combat hair shedding. Viviscal contains an AminoMar marine complex, which is a blend of sustainably sourced shark cartilage and mollusk powder, fish oil, and silica, along with vitamins and minerals such as biotin, niacin, and zinc. Its supplements overall are popular with celebrities such as Karlie Kloss and Hailey Bieber.


However, “Since hair grows at approximately a quarter- to a half-inch per month, it will take some patience to see results,” Green explains. “Most people see a difference within the two to four months of use.”

The article also discusses how it can be used with platelet-rich plasma treatments

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