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What is Beef Tallow Skin Care & Does It Even Work? Glamour Magazine

Is Beef Tallow good for your skin?  Better yet, what is Beef Tallow – for those that don’t know – it is a rendered form of beef fat, made by slowly heating beef fat until it melts and turns into a liquid. The liquid is then strained to remove any impurities, and the resulting product is beef tallow. It also is a trending use of skin care, but this is nothing new.

“Beef tallow has been used for skin care for centuries, when the standard practice was to use the whole animal and plant-derived ingredients weren’t readily available,” says Dr. Michele Green in Glamour magazine this week. But, while beef tallow contains properties beneficial to the skin, it also comes with a handful of valid concerns, “the safety and efficacy of tallow for skin care will require further clinical research,” and is not approved by the FDA.  This is especially the case when factory-farmed cattle are often given antibiotics or steroids and are raised in harsh conditions too, as Dr. Green notes in the article.

woman getting skin care treatment

Read more about how “Beef Tallow Skin Care Has Taken Over Wellness-Tok—But Does It Work?” and the interview with Dr. Green at

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