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Cosmo Talks with Dr. Green About How To Get Glass Skin

Thanks to TikTok, you may have heard about “glass skin” in recent times.  Cosmopolitan magazine talks about it today at “Glass Skin: What It Is, How to Get It, and Why Is TikTok Obsessed With It?” and asked Dr. Green all about it.  Coming from the current K-Beauty trend, “glass skin” is a translation of “yuri pibu / 유리 피부” and references healthy, luminous skin.

However, there is no magical method to it, so no quick fix or beauty hack, instead it is about being diligent with your skincare routine and giving your face what it needs to look its best.  Also knowing what ingredients work best for you is key, for example “retinol can irritate those with sensitive skin, so introduce it slowly into the routine, gradually increasing frequency as tolerated,” Dr. Green says in the article.  She also talks about how to find the right kind of serum, sunscreen and moisturizer – noting that “moisturizer is important even for oily and acne-prone skin,” and that it can “not only bring moisture to the skin, but they also seal in highly concentrated serums and essence.”

acne clear face

Find out more about “glass skin” and what you can do to achieve this latest trend at

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