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Insider Discuss The Various Stages of Lip Swelling with Dr. Green

With Lip injections growing in popularity in recent years, a lot of people ask about potential lip swelling, which can occur right away. Dr. Green was asked about this in Insider today where she notes that “Although hyaluronic acid dermal fillers produce immediate results, the swelling can be uneven at first and hide the true results of the lip fillers,” and that issues are most common the day after getting lip filler injections.

“The lips will appear larger than anticipated, which can cause anxiety. Don’t worry. The swelling is temporary, and the size of your lips will decrease with time,” Green says. The article takes a look at what to do in the days afterwards and common occurrences such as bruising, swelling and sensitivity. This is normal though and should subside after three days to a week but each person is different.

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“When the body detects damage, the immune system sends fluid and white blood cells to the injured area, causing swelling, redness, and heat from the increased blood flow. Because the lips have a lot of blood vessels, the inflammation tends to be worse than in other areas where fillers are injected,” Green says in the article and talks about fillers such as Juvéderm and Restylane which are two of the most commonly used lip fillers.

Find out more about what to look out for and avoid before and after getting your injections, such as avoiding certain supplements and alcohol before the procedure along with what to expect overall at “The stages of swelling after lip filler: From bumpy to pouty” on

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