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If you’re a woman that has ever struggled to get a smooth, close shave on your legs you will know that the razor that you use can make all the difference to the quality of shave that you can achieve. If you’re in the market for a new razor and are interested to find out which razors are being recommended right now, then Vogue has you covered. Dr. Michele Green is quoted several times in the article – noting for example “The best tip for a close, smooth shave, is to shave in the proper direction, with a clean and new razor and to ‘prime’ the skin with a good shaving cream or gel prior.”

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Vogue have explored some of the best razors for women available right now and have talked to Dr. Green to get some tips on removing unwanted hair without damaging your skin.

To learn more, read: “The Best Razors for Those Looking to Achieve a Smooth Shave

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