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Things To Avoid When Taking Care of Your Hair, Buzzfeed Feature

You might know that going to be with wet hair should be avoided, but it’s also bad to wash your hair every day too.  This and many other things were explored in “If Your Current Haircare Routine Includes Any Of These Habits, Experts Say You Should Probably Stop” on Buzzfeed today.  It also talks about what you use to tie your hair back and the risks of using a bun style instead – Dr. Green mentions that “slicked-back bun styles can cause damage to your hair and hairline. These styles are very tight and can break the hair at the root. Individuals who frequently style their hair in tight buns can develop traction alopecia, a form of hair loss caused by repeated restricted or tight hair styling. If traction alopecia is not treated early, it can lead to permanent hair loss,” along with several other quotes in the feature.  She also looks at common myths associated with hair masks and other hair care options.

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