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How To Get Longer Lashes Naturally: Shape & Dr. Green

Dr. Green talks about longer lashes in “8 Ways to Get Longer Lashes Naturally, According to a Dermatologist” today where is quoted throughout the article talking about the effect of biotin and collagen and naturally improving eyelash growth. “Just as nutrition and diet can support hair growth, overall health can also impact eyelash growth, Dr. Green says in the article.

woman eyelash

Treating your lashes right, from clean maintanance, “the most important rule for maintaining healthy eyelashes is to clean them every night to prevent dirt and debris from clogging eyelash follicles” to avoiding artificial extensions, which according to Dr. Green, the adhesives used can irritate and damage natural lashes, you should also look at managing stress where possible, since “stress can increase cortisol levels, inhibiting hair follicle growth and increasing shedding.”

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