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Why Do I Sweat So Much After Working Out – Peloton Feature

Peloton’s blog “The Output” looked at why people sweat so much after working out in today’s article – “Always Drenched in Sweat After a Workout? Here’s Why It Happens.”

Within the article, Dr. Green is asked several questions about what causes sweating during a work out, noting that “during a workout, our heart rate and core body temperature increase,” and that “In response, our body stimulates sweat glands to perspire or produce sweat.” The sweat in turn cools your skin down. But sometimes, one can have overactive sweat glands due to an array of conditions or hormones. Or it can be due to temperature, and sometimes even triggered not just by heat but by hot foots, such as spicy meals.

Dr. Green also talks about hyperhidrosis, and how “with hyperhidrosis, sweat glands remain in a constant state of overactivity and produce more sweat than necessary to regulate body temperature.” Hyperhidrosis can be due to a genetic factor, or can develop alongside other medical conditions “including but not limited to thyroid issues, diabetes, menopause, and certain types of cancers,” Dr. Green says.

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She also looks at the types of sweating such as –
1. Thermoregulatory Sweating (heat)
2. Emotional Sweating (stress)
3. Gustatory Sweating (spices)
And treatment options for each overall.

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