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Is Pulling Out Grey & White Hair A Myth? Huff Post Article with Dr. Green

Many times you might have heard over the years, pull out a grey or white hair and more will appear as a result. It’s a common myth, explored today in Huff Post where they talk to Board-certified cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Michele Green who was quoted several times in the article, stating “once a follicle’s melanocytes die, loss of pigmentation will occur and new gray-colored hairs will grow from that follicle,” and that ”while plucking gray hairs may lead to hair loss over time, it will not cause more gray hairs to grow, as only one hair strand can grow from a given hair follicle.”

And what about all the hype with new products that claim to reverse the on-set of grey and white hair? “Many anti-gray supplements and serums contain vitamins such as B12, peptides and natural herbs that can supposedly prevent or reverse gray hairs,” she said. “While these ingredients may be beneficial for hair health and growth, there is currently no clinical research supporting vitamins or supplements that claim to slow or stop gray hair growth.” So another hair myth here too.

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Read more about How Bad Is It Really To Pull Out Your Gray And White Hairs? at Huff Post to see what Dr. Green and other experts had to say.

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