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Very Well Health Asks Dr. Green about Supplements to Prevent Gray Hair

Grey hair becomes a more common question as we age, and in “Supplements to Prevent Gray Hair: Do They Really Work?” by Very Well Health, Dr. Green talks about how aging can activate chemical processes. For example “as hydrogen peroxide levels increase, melanin synthesis is inhibited, and pigmentation in the hair decreases,” Green said. This means that, as we age, the process that gives our hair its color (melanin synthesis) is disrupted, causing the hair to gray. In addition to that “genetics, skin type, stress, medical disorders, and diet are just some factors that play into how quickly a person grays,” Green said in the article.

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Unfortunately there is no way to fully stop gray hair growth, but targeting underlying conditions that can cause gray hair growth—such as vitamin deficiencies may help some people experiencing premature graying, Green said also.

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