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The age old question should I take a cold shower or a hot shower comes to discussion again in “The Benefits of Cold vs. Hot Showers, According to a Cosmetic Dermatologist” where Dr. Michele Green notes “Of course, the benefits of cold showers stretch beyond just energy and mood” (though, those are undoubtedly impressive side effects) and “When cold water hits your skin, the body increases blood flow to maintain the core temperature to protect vital organs, while constricting circulation near the skin,” she explains. What’s more, Dr. Green says that cold water has the ability to relieve itchiness, decrease inflammation, and tighten pores—all of which lead to a clearer, brighter, younger-looking complexion.”

woman in shower

It’s a common debate though, as she has also been interviewed about it by FabFitFun and Martha Stewart.

That said, nothing against hot showers, they have their benefits, too! “Steam or a hot bath opens up the pores and makes it easier for dirt and toxin build-up to be cleaned out, leading to reduced blemishes and clearer skin,” Dr. Green says. “Hot showers also relax muscles and release tension in the body to induce a feeling of tiredness to improve sleep.”

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