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Vegamour Talk About How Hair Changes as You Get Older

When it comes to hair turning grey and aging hair overall, there can be a number of different reasons why a person may start to find that their hair is thinning or even falling out.  “Hair changes as we age,” notes Dr. Michele Green. “We experience an increased amount of hair loss, the texture of the hair becomes coarser, drier and the hair turns grey in color.”

Vegamour asks Dr. Green about this and what causes it to happen, such as hormonal changes or decreased oil in production. “As the number of melanocytes in the hair decreases, the color changes, and we lose the pigment in our hair, [which makes it] turn gray.”

hot oil for hair

Find out more about whether there is a connection and what can be done to help with hair loss.

You can read the full article, “How to Keep Your Hair Healthy As You Age” on the Vegamour web site at

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