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Prose Asks Dr. Green How to Build a Skincare Routine talked about skincare with Dr. Michele Green, including common skin health factors like city pollution and water hardness having aging and drying impacts on the skin, respectively (among other effects). Dr. Green explains further: “The buildup of dirt, debris, and pollution on the surface of the skin can contribute to acne breakouts and exacerbate skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis. Hard water refers to water that contains high concentrations of minerals. This can be damaging to the skin because it disrupts the skin’s protective barrier, especially for those with sensitive skin.”

Age and stress are factors too, as is the current summer air. As many will know, “the air becomes drier, and humidity decreases as the seasons change from summer to fall and winter,” Dr. Green explains. “To balance the lack of moisture, it is important to switch skincare products to hydrating ingredients.” But even on hot summer months like July, having the A/C on too high can dry out the skin too.

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