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Good Housekeeping Looks at 10 Best Hair Growth Products for Men with Dr. Green takes a closer look at the “10 Best Hair Growth Products for Men” and asks Dr. Michele Green about her thoughts on each option, from Rosemary to Oral Finasteride or an in-office treatment such as PRP (platelet-rich plasma injections), noting that in all cases, it will take time, since grows in 3-6 month cycles.

And you have to be active with the treatment options, for instance – “Minoxidil is effective at hair growth and hair loss prevention, but it is only effective if it is actively used,” says Dr. Green. “Stopping minoxidil application will lead to a gradual loss in hair that grew due to the minoxidil.” The same applies for Topical finasteride and Oral finasteride which must be taken indefinitely otherwise the effects fade out, plus there are potential side effects not only for you, but potentially for your partner, so it is important to discuss with your doctor.

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She also talks about red-light therapy – for example, “Red light therapy, or low-level light therapy, applies a visible red-light laser to the scalp. The body absorbs the light and turns it into cellular energy to stimulate the natural healing process, potentially promoting hair regrowth. Red light also encourages blood circulation for scalp and follicle health,” says Dr. Green. “Furthermore, red light therapy can facilitate the creation of new capillaries, helping to deliver essential nutrients and oxygen to cells and hair follicles.”

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