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Dermatologists Talk About Common Skincare Mistakes on Buzzfeed

Summer sun is still in full swing, and with Labor Day weekend up ahead, Buzzfeed asked Dr. Green for some advice in today’s article “If You’re Doing Any Of These 8 Things As Part Of Your Skincare Routine, Experts Say You Should Probably Stop” where Dr. Green notes that “Many make the mistake of relying on sun protection from a moisturizer or makeup product containing sunscreen. It is incredibly important to use the proper sunscreen amount to ensure adequate protection and prevent UV damage,” and that while “Social Media is an excellent avenue for finding trending skincare products… skincare is not a ‘one size fits all’ type of thing” – so yes, if it works for them, it might “not” work for you.

sun stock image fd

“While searching for new products, you must keep your skincare goals in mind and look for ingredients that suit those goals,” Dr. Green added.  Read more about keeping your skin safe from sunburns in all seasons at

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