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Managing Eczema With The Right Treatment (Featured in Healthline)

The emotional and mental effects of eczema can be profound, said Dr. Michele Green, in today where she noted how “individuals with eczema are more likely to isolate themselves from social interactions and activities to hide their appearance or itching behaviors.”  It can also cause issues with sleep due to the discomfort.  This is why speaking to a dermatologist who specializes in eczema is crucial, so that you know what treatment will work best for you.  For example, Dr. Green said one of the most common misconceptions about eczema is that it results from dry skin and is easy to manage with moisturizing lotions.  “This belief can cause many individuals with eczema to downplay their symptoms, not seek proper treatment during a flare-up, or feel dismissed by those around them,” she said.

Eczema is common and long-term treatment with a dermatologist is required to manage symptoms effectively and in some cases moisturizing lotions can help, but in others, prescription treatments are often necessary to minimize long-term adverse effects from an eczema flare-up.  Speaking with a dermatologist who is board certified like Dr. Green is important to do as “we must change this eczema perspective to support those seeking treatment,” she said.

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Read the full piece at “How Getting the Right Treatment Helped Danielle Jonas Manage Painful Eczema Symptoms

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