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How to Stop Sweating So Much, Glamour Talks With Dr. Green

Summer days are in full swing, with more and more wondering “Why am I sweating so much?” asks Dr. Green what might be the cause of this in today’s article titled “How to Stop Sweating So Much, According to Dermatologists” and she notes that “sweat is a normal reaction by our body to excrete toxins and regulate optimal body temperature in situations such as high heat, intense exercising, or acute stress,” and that “the sweat glands are signaled to turn off once the body is removed from the situation. This signal never occurs for some individuals, and the sweat glands continue to produce sweat.”

There are many options out there for treating excess sweat, known also as Hyperhidrosis, such as Botox, as well as non-invasive options such as Brella. “Brella is a a new noninvasive treatment that uses alkali thermolysis (TAT) technology to target hyperhidrosis,” she says in the article at Glamour. “The Brella sodium patch is applied to the underarms, relying on localized heat energy to decrease sweat production.”

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