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Eyelash Growth Serums: Dr. Green Talks About Top 10 Methods

RealSelf’s Blog, The Treatment did a post yesterday about Eyelash Growth Serums. And while there is currently only one FDA-approved prescription on the market (Latisse), there are more and more lash-growth products available each year.

Dr. Green notes that “Long, healthy-looking lashes make the eyes look full and make women feel beautiful and young,” and this article talks about how eyelash growth serums work, as well as a view of the top 10 most popular methods.

“Everyone is born with a predetermined number of hair follicles,” Dr. Green explains. “Each individual eyelash is programmed to grow to a certain length, then fall off. However, using products that contain [certain] ingredients can extend the [growth phase] of the hair follicle.”

Read what Dr. Green had to say about various growth serums – and find out the top 10 at

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