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One common myth is that if you don’t smile, you won’t get wrinkles.

Prevention Magazine discusses this with Dr. Green, who says “Theoretically this is true,” says New York City board-certified dermatologist Michele Green, MD. The expressions that you make with your face, including smiling, can break down collagen, etching lines into your skin. “But what’s the trade off? You’re not going to smile?” asks Green.

Your best bet to avoid these lines is not skipping a life of laughter and smiles, but staying out of the sun, and when you do go out, maintaining good SPF habits.

Another common myth about wrinkles. If your mom didn’t get wrinkles, you won’t either.

Actually, while there is some relavance, the biggest factors are really “Sun, cigarette smoking, and drinking alcohol”, adds Green. “All the things that are bad for you are bad for your skin,” she says. Your daily habits can go a long way in preventing lines. One big example: slathering on the SPF. People who did so regularly (3 to 4 days each week) were less likely to have signs of facial aging after 4.5 years compared to people who applied it at their discretion, revealed 2013 research in the Annals of Internal Medicine.


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