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Understanding what kind of skin care routine that we need to adopt to keep our skin looking at its best is important. However, as we age, we might not realize that we may need to make some adjustments to our usual routine to ensure that we are doing what is best for our skin.

TotalBeauty have written an article titled “A Decade by Decade Guide to Healthy Skin, According to Top Derms”, which features Dr. Green who provides advice as to what you can do in terms of skin care as you age. The article breaks down skin care routines and advice by the decades of a person’s life. One of the top tips for your twenties is to make sure you start adopting a routine in the first place, since the work you put in when you are young can pay dividends as you age.

To find more about the advice and to get some tips and tricks for your skin care routine, take a look at the article on the TotalBeauty site. If you have concerns about your skin and would like to talk to an expert then speak to us at our NYC clinic and book an appointment.

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