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Cosmopolitan Discuss Double Cleaning Skin & Psoriasis With Dr. Green

Many of us know the benefits of cleansing the face thoroughly before we go to bed in the evening, but you might not realize there may still be quite a bit of dirt and grime left, even after a thorough clean. This is why the technique of double cleaning your skin has become popular.

Cosmopolitan have talked to Dr. Green to learn more about double cleaning the skin, to find out more about what the benefits are, and how best to go about it. She notes that “it is important to wash your face after using makeup remover to remove excess makeup and sebum, which will clean your pores, preventing skin irritation and acne.”

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Dr. Green also talks about Psoriasis, which is a common skin condition that can affect a person’s entire body, such as on arms and hands, but is often seen around the scalp and head area.  There are a number of potential causes for psoriasis but it is thought that it is caused by overactive skin cells. The good news is that there are plenty of psoriasis treatments that are available. For those with mild issues with the scalp you can get shampoos to help with the condition.

Check out Cosmopolitan and read the articles, “9 Best Psoriasis Shampoos to Treat Your Itchy, Flaky Scalp” and “Double Cleansing: What It Is and How to Do It for Clearer Skin

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