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Its probably not what you think it is.  Hair botox is a deep conditioning hair treatment designed to repair the damaged and broken hair fibers, using various ingredients. .And this was discussed over at “Hair Botox” Is a Thing (but It’s Not What You’re Thinking)” on in recent weeks.

Safe for all types of hair – there actually is no set list of ingredients that are required to be included in a treatment for it to be called “hair botox,” and the components often change so this makes it hard to say exactly how the hair might benefit from one.

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Common ingredients include caviar oil, antioxidants, B5, vitamin E, and collagen complex. But “despite having ‘Botox‘ in its name, there actually is no Botox (botulinum toxins) involved,” explains cosmetic dermatologist Michele Green, MD. “Hair botox is a deep conditioning treatment that repairs the damaged and broken hair fibers, which can be a result of stress and heat on our strands.”

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