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CoolSculpting in time for the Summer

With the summer just around the corner, it’s the time of year where we like to look our best. Especially when on summer vacation. Even if we have a good diet, and a regular exercise regime, it is still possible to have a little bit of excess fat around the following problem areas, such as love handles, belly, muffin top, upper arms (bingo wings) double chin and the thighs. This is especially the case when we age when these specific areas can start to become more of a problem.

For many people the start of the new year brings in some New Year’s resolutions. This can be to lose some weight, go to the gym and eat more healthily. These lifestyle changes can make a dramatic different to a person’s life in the way they feel about themselves. However, different areas of the body tend to hold on to excess fat even when a person is relatively fit and healthy. When your goal is to have a beach body in time for the summer then it can be a little disheartening to find that some areas of unwanted fat still remain, no matter how much you work out or eat right.

The good news is that medical improvements in dermatology mean that plastic surgery and their associated invasive procedures for fat reduction may not be necessary any more. For individuals with just a little bit of excess fat who are looking for some straight forward body sculpting then an invasive surgical procedure can be avoided. A fast, effective non invasive procedures for fat removal such as CoolSculpting can be used to achieve good results in many situations. CoolSculpting has been FDA cleared for use in some of the key locations where excess, stubborn fat can occur and stick around.

Female CoolSculpting patient, lower abdomen, 10 months post treatment

Fat Freezing & CoolSculpting for the Summertime

The way that the CoolSculpting treatment works is by using a process called cryolipolysis. This is also known as ‘fat freezing’, which describes the cryolipolysis process in basic terms. A special applicator is placed on the treatment area, and the fat cells in this location are then cooled down. When these fat cells are cooled down, they are effectively killed off by the process, and they are then metabolized by the body. This reduces the appearance of fat in the target location.

Generally the results from CoolSculpting are achieved after two to four months since it takes a little while for the body to process the dead fat cells and remove them from the body itself. For those looking for an improvement in their body fat using non-surgical means, then the ideal time for a Coolsculpting session is in the late winter, or early Spring to get the full benefits for the summer months.

The good thing about CoolSculpting is that once the effects from the process have been achieved, then the fat will not reappear if a healthy lifestyle is maintained. It should be noted if a healthy lifestyle is not kept up then it is likely that the pockets of fat will return. A good candidate for CoolSculpting treatments will lead a healthy lifestyle and just have a little excess fat in the problem areas listed previously.

If you’ve already gone down the weight loss route, and still have some unwanted fat and are looking for some straight forward body contouring options to get your summer body, there’s finally a solution that can help just in time for the summer months. Contact us online today or call 212-535-3088 to learn more about whether CoolSculpting may be right for you and to arrange a treatment plan.

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