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The #1 Secret to Sculptra® Success

Dermal fillers are very popular among patients wanting a more youthful appearance to their face without having surgery. Sculptra® is an excellent facelift alternative because of its ability to dramatically restore lost volume and firmness and improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without incisions, scars or downtime. In order to get the absolute best Sculptra® results possible, there’s one essential tip you must know before scheduling an appointment.

How Sculptra® Works

One of the biggest reasons we develop lines and wrinkles as we age is because of a natural decline in collagen that occurs in the skin as part of the aging process. This decline in collagen compromises the support structure of the skin and also contributes to a saggy appearance and loss of firmness.

Sculptra® is so effective as an anti-aging treatment because it doesn’t just fill in the wrinkle, it combats the reason the wrinkle develops to begin with by stimulating collagen production. With increased collagen production, the underlying framework of the skin is strengthened, creating a firmer, smoother and more youthful appearance.

Your Practitioner Matters Most

Although Sculptra® is an incredibly effective filler, it’s only as good as the skill and experience of the person injecting it. When not injected properly, Sculptra® can create unevenness or bumps, so it’s essential to choose your injector very carefully. By choosing a board certified dermatologist who thoroughly understands the characteristics of Sculptra® and how it reacts in different areas of the skin, you can be sure to get the most beautiful, natural-looking results.

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