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Well + Good looked at how “A ‘Scalp Hydrafacial’ Gave My Fine, Greasy Hair the Summer Reset It’s Been Begging For” and the procedure was tested out at the Manhattan offices of board-certified dermatologist Michele Green, MD. The writer of the article noted her hair concerns, hormonal cycle, her weekly wash schedule, and past experience with hair loss.  For example, she let the practitioner know that while she doesn’t deal with shedding or dandruff, there were other concerns I wanted to address.

Scalp Hydrafacials have become popular in the summer months, but it is a great option for anyone dealing with hair loss or scalp discomfort, no matter what the season. The patient also noted “you will immediately see less flakiness on your scalp, feel less itchy, and your scalp will feel fresh and hydrated” after going through the Hydrafacial Keravive procedure.

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