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UPF Clothing, Sunscreen & Sun Protection – Glam & Glamour

Summer is in full swing and featured Dr. Michele Green in “The Best UPF Clothing for Maximum Sun Protection” where she notes “UPF is an acronym that stands for ultraviolet protection factor, a measure of how much UVA and UVB radiation reaches your skin through a fabric,” and how “fabrics that are thick and tightly woven will have higher UPF ratings than looser, thinner materials. UPF clothing can also rely on a finish of a chemical additives for sun protection.”  She discusses how important UPF clothing is for UV protection in summer months and what the highest levels of them are (for example the range of UPF ratings is between 15 and 50+).



Another common question is how long UPF clothing lasts – for example, “UPF clothing that relies on a chemical finish for its UPF rating tends to last 30 to 50 washes,” says Dr. Green. “If the UPF clothing has inherent sun protection properties due to the fabric itself, then it will not lose efficacy over time due to washing or frequent use.”

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Dr. Green also talked about What To Look For In Your Sunscreen if you have acne prone skin the same week in noting that if you do not wear sunscreen, you run the risk of developing cancerous melanomas, according to Dr. Michele Green, MD. Wearing sunscreen every day is necessary, especially if you suffer from acne — and leaving your skin unprotected from the sun can worsen acne scars because it darkens hyperpigmentation.

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