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TZR Asks About Choosing The Right Retinol & Sun Exposure Overall

Jessica Fields from The Zoe Report (TZR) asks dermatologists about how Retinol Is A Skin Care Essential — But How Do You Find The Right One? Dr. Green was quoted many times in the article, where she talks about how “many people start using retinol in their mid 20s or early 30s as a preventative measure to delay signs of aging, but it can also improve existing signs of aging for those well into their 50s and 60s.”  She talks about Retinol, types, levels and information about Retinol which is often used in OTC cosmetic products. Such products “are formulated with a single ester of retinol, which increases the number of conversions and makes the product even more gentle for use.”

She notes how people with sensitive skin should aim for lower levels of Retinol, and “if you are new to the ingredient, I recommend using it gradually, say once a week for one week, twice a week for two weeks, three times a week for three weeks in order to mitigate side effects” – in addition to that, limit sun exposure early on because “Retinol is a photosensitizing ingredient that makes the skin abnormally sensitive to UV radiation and other damaging effects of sun exposure.”

In addition to that, she also wrote an article in TZR titled “Can The Sun Make Your Fillers Wear Off Faster In The Summer?”  This article looked at how to prevent the sun from impacting fillers such as Botox.  For example, some people note that it may cause healing to be slower – “Some people may notice that skin isn’t healing as well or notice bruising around the injection site, and while sun exposure can be the problem, it’s best to follow up with the injector to be sure,” says Dr. Green.

summer sun - image source pexels

Read the full Retinol article at and “Can The Sun Make Your Fillers Wear Off Faster In The Summer?” at

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