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Finding a treatment for Baldness with molecules found in mole hair – Medical News Today

Dr. Green was quoted today in “Scientists discovered a possible treatment for baldness from hairy moles and it can be injected like Botox” where she looks at how the hair molecule osteopontin is a signaling molecule produced by senescent pigment cells called melanocytes, which is an unlikely source of cell regeneration.  “Although senescent cells are often associated with aging, tissue death, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and cardiovascular disease, they can also regulate or trigger tissue growth and contribute to wound healing,” Green said.

“As a result of specific signals, immature stem cells can either remain dormant or become active to regenerate into specific cells or tissue,” she added. “These specific signals that trigger stem cells can be manipulated to tell the stem cells to do specific things. In this case, researchers looked into altering these signals to push the stem cells in hair follicles into a hyperactive state, causing excess hair growth.”

med news today

Read the full article and see the potential impact of new hair growth treatment and results of researchers saying molecules found in mole hair may be a key to developing a new Botox-like treatment for baldness – at

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