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Unique Ways to Get Acne – Feature with Dr. Green

If you ever wondered what were the most unexpected (and weird) ways you can get acne, Murad did an article where they asked Dr. Green this at “5 of the most unexpected (and weird) ways you can get acne.”  Some may be easy guesses such as stress and travelling, but even pillows and pillowcases can be a factor since “oil, sweat, dead skin cells and bacteria can accumulate over time if pillowcases are not washed frequently,” Dr. Green says, and even more so if you don’t remove all makeup before going to bed.

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Same goes for bed sheets which can build body acne, along with cell phone which often are put up against our skin, thus are worth cleaning daily with disinfectant wipes or using headphones or the speakerphone to avoid placing the phone directly on your skin.  Dry skin from traveling and product build up is noted in the article and in all cases “a good prevention protocol includes removing all makeup, cleansing the skin before bed every day and washing your hair regularly to remove styling products,” Dr. Green advises.


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