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Understand Retinol Uglies With Scary Mommy & Dr. Green

You might have heard all about Retinol’s benefits and how by incorporating it into your skin care routine, it can help improve skin tone, and help to repair damaged skin. However, you might not have heard about the ‘Retinol Uglies’.

What are the Retinol Uglies? Simply put, this is when your skin has a mild reaction to the Retinol. Some of the side effects that might be experienced are dry skin, flaky skin or even redness. Overall the process can take time, for example Dr. Green notes “Retinol offers many skin benefits but takes time to yield results, especially if you are starting at a lower concentration. Do not rush the process and start slow. Long-term, consistent use of retinol is the only way to bring about the desired cosmetic results.”

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Scary Mommy have talked to Dr. Green to learn more about Retinol’s benefits, but also its potential side effects, known as the Retinol Uglies. Find out more in the following article, “What Are The Retinol Uglies? Here’s Your Full Rundown

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