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Dr. Green was quoted today in “The Truth About Under Eye Filler” on AEdit where dermatologists and plastic surgeons weigh in on why the popular procedure isn’t for everyone.

For example, many complain about hollowness under eyes, that create the dark tired look.  However it might not just be lack of sleep causing it.  “The tissue structures supporting the eyelids weaken from aging or genetics,” says Michele Green, MD and notes that “this weakening causes a hollowness and sagging of the skin in the under eye area, but hyaluronic acid fillers replenish volume to the area.”

JS 47yo f before and after Hyaluronidase 2weeks after undereyes Front MGWatermark

Before and after of patient, 2 weeks after Hyaluronidase under eyes

Although remediation with fillers is a relatively quick process, done incorrectly this can result in overfilling or other issues.  Find out the right way to inject in the tear trough and under eye area and more at

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