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Vbeam is a popular treatment with our patients and its becoming more and more popular overall since it can work with a wide range of issues such as birthmarks, bruises, scars, warts, sun damage and wrinkles. discuss this with Dr. Green and talk about how she uses it, any potential risks and when to avoid it, such as if you are taking Accutane.

She mentions “Vbeam is the gold standard laser for treating vascular lesions and anything red in color. Therefore, Vbeam can treat vascular birthmarks and dark red birthmarks like hemangiomas and port wine stains. In fact, Vbeam is safe enough to treat port wine stains on infants” and talks about Vbeam throughout the article such as how bruising after Vbeam is not common, but it is possible and also touches base on what it might potentially cost. However, in all cases, it is always best to inquire with your dermatologist first about Vbeam lasers or anything else.

vbeam laser in use

Read more and view some of the most common questions asked about Vbeam Lasers at

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