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Huff Post Asks: What Are “Zombie Cells” & Are They Aging Your Skin

It may be far from Halloween but Huff Post talks about ‘Zombie Cells’ and if they are Aging Your Skin? The first thing to know, is What are zombie cells? They are also known as senescent cells, and are cells that have stopped dividing but have not died. They can accumulate in tissues over time, and are a normal part of the aging process and every cell in the body has the potential to turn into one. However, their presence has been linked to a number of age-related diseases, including cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and arthritis.

Because zombie cells can form anywhere on the body, they also accumulate. When this happens, zombie cells lead to potential issues like “poor wound healing, wrinkles, fine lines, inflammation and pigmentation,” Dr. Green said in the article. Causes of Zombie cells are often environmental factors, such as toxins or radiation, or by genetic mutations. In some cases, senescent cells can actually be beneficial. For example, they can help to repair damaged tissues and promote wound healing. However, when they accumulate in large numbers, they can become harmful.

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Prevention of Zombie Cells can also be natural, usually aided by a healthy diet and lifestyle. The article does talk about various over-the-counter products but Dr. Green cautions that there are currently no “human studies to confirm the safety and efficacy of the therapies.”

Find out more about Dr. Green’s thoughts and learn more about Zombie Cells

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