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Skincare Routine To Start In Your 20s by Health Digest

Health Digest interviews Dr. Green in “Dermatologist Shares Health-Promoting Skincare Tips To Start In Your Twenties” where they uncover the best steps to keep your skin looking young and healthy. As the skin’s collagen production starts to decrease in your 20s, the first signs of aging will start to appear.

skin care

Daily application of a broad-spectrum sunscreen is the first thing to do as sun exposure is one of the biggest culprits of skin damage. Dr. Green states “the sun’s ultraviolet rays penetrate the skin to the deepest layers and cause cellular changes that contribute to not only skin cancer but also premature signs of aging”.

Then Vitamin C is the second ingredient to add to your skincare routine. As Dr. Green explains “vitamin C also has the added benefits of promoting skin cell regeneration and collagen production, thereby enhancing the health of skin’s texture and tone.”

Read the full interview here:

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