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SELF Magazine Discuss Retinoids and Retinization With Dr. Green

You may have heard that Retinoids can be used to help improve your overall skin condition. One problem you might have experienced or have heard about is that some people experience an issue called Retinization for a short period of time, which can cause redness and dry skin. This can put a lot of people off from using a skin care product. However, there are ways you can manage this.

woman getting skin care treatment - source: pexels

SELF magazine have talked to leading dermatologists and skin care experts such as Dr. Green to get some insight on what Retinoids are, how they work and how to reduce the effects of retinization when you first start taking them.

You can read the full article, titled, “How to Manage Retinization When Using Retinoids” on the SELF magazine site:

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