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Manage Scalp Psoriasis & Rejuvenate Skin with Home Remedies at Byrdie

Jill DiDonato at Byrdie speaks with various doctors about managing scalp psoriasis and various home remedies.  Dr. Green is quoted on various points wihin the article, noting remedies such as how “tar made from coal or wood works to slow skin cell growth and reduce inflammation, itching and scaling,” for example, as well as how to apply an apple cider vinegar rinse.

summer dry skin: source - byrdie

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Dr. Green was also quoted in an article about skin scrubbers titled “Should You Be Using an Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber to Clarify Your Skin?” where she talks about how these items are still relatively new to the world of at-home dermatology. “There are many options and these devices are safe to use if users follow the instructions for use carefully,” she says. “The only drawback is the user’s ability to follow the instructions carefully without causing harm to the skin.”

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