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Rodan+Fields Talk to Dr. Green About Exfoliation, Ceramides and Sleep Wrinkles

Skincare brand Rodan + Fields took a look at a couple of common skincare questions and one lesser known question.  For example, they don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing – did you know that wrinkles can develop on your body based on how you sleep.  Known as “sleep wrinkles” – “sleeping on your back is the best way to prevent the formation of sleep wrinkles,” Dr. Green says. “Sleeping flat on the back eliminates any compression of the face and chest that would occur in other sleeping positions, alleviating pressure on these areas of the body that contributes to the development of sleep wrinkles.”

woman sleeping

She also talks about the main benefits of exfoliation, such as increasing cell turnover rate. “Exfoliation also allows serums, treatments, and moisturizers applied afterward to penetrate deeper into the skin and deliver best benefits,” she explains on one of the blog posts – while on the other she notes that ceramides are fatty acid lipids that make up over half of our natural skin barrier. “They are essential in sealing in moisture and keeping out harmful contaminants,” she explains. “As we age and as we encounter environmental stressors like sun damage and pollution, some of these fatty acids are lost, resulting in dull and dry skin.”

Find out more about how to exfoliate safely, along with what ceramides are, how to treat thin skin under eyes (for example – “Your under eyes don’t have many oil glands and collagen, which makes it prone to dryness, fine lines, and early signs of aging,”) and the causes of “sleep wrinkles” on the Rodan+Fields skincare blog.

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