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Rodan + Field interview Dr. Green in their latest article “How to Reduce Puffy Eyes: Tips and Effective Treatments”. Puffy eyes, when the skin around the eyes look swollen, can be caused by lack of sleep, allergies, high salt diet, or simply aging. Dr Green states “There is an increase in fluid retention with age, and the fluid can get trapped in the lower eyelid, also known as edema. Because the skin under the eyes is delicate and thin, fluid retention is noticeable, leading to puffy eyes.”

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If you wake up in the morning with swollen eyes, you can use a cold compress, cooling eye gels and black or green tea bags can help relieve the symptoms. Using eye cream and delicately applying it around the eye can stimulate circulation and move the fluid away from the area.

For more tips on puffy eyes, read the full article here:

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