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Dr. Green provided her expert opinion to Robb Report on sleep masks in their recent article “The 8 Best Sleep Masks to Help You Get a Full Night’s Rest“. Sleep masks are an excellent option for those light sleepers with disrupted sleep. Silk and cotton are the most comfortable and breathable fabrics on the market. Dr. Green states “Silk is a great material for sleeping masks or eye masks because it is non-irritating, has a smooth surface that is comfortable on the delicate skin around the eyes, and is breathable and antimicrobial”. On the other hand, whilst cotton is equally comfortable and cheaper, it is also more absorbent which would require more regular washes.

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In Robb Report’s second article “The 7 Best Eye Massagers for Banishing Dark Circles and Soothing Your Under-Eyes“, Dr. Green weighs in on the do’s and don’t of eye massagers. These devices provide relief from tension by targeting pressure points but can also stimulate circulation, improve elasticity and reduce fat circles. However the look of strain and fatigue in the eyes can be due to tear troughs. Dr. Green explains “tear troughs occur due to genetics, so eye massagers likely will not help you look more awake [in this case]. However, a quick, painless treatment with dermal fillers in the tear trough area can boost volume and minimize the shadow beneath the eyes. This quick injection treatment can create a revitalized, rejuvenated, and more youthful appearance.”

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