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Dr. Green appears in the Huffington Post article of “No, Lemon Juice Will Not Lighten Your Armpits. Here’s The Deal” and dispels the beauty myth of Lemon Juice on armpits supposedly making them lighter. Its a folk remedy that can in fact make your skin worse instead.

Our New York City-based dermatologist Michele Green notes that “dark armpits often stem from hormonal problems, diabetes or as a result of an allergic reaction to deodorants.”

When it comes to lightening up dark underarms, Dr. Green believes homemade methods that call for cleansing with honey are fine.

Lemon juice, however, is not, as it may cause phytophotodermatitis, and thus develop a painful or unsightly burn in the sun from the acids found in fruits. It can basically hyperpigment the skin.

In its place, we would recommend ex-foliating underarms with a gentle cleanser and wash cloth, whilst applying light pressure. Find out more and read the article at –

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