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Dr. Green Talks About Oral Minoxidil for Hair Loss with Healthline

With all the recent news about Oral Minoxidil for Hair Loss and Dr. Green’s previous post a few weeks ago about it, wanted to ask a few more questions in today’s article “Oral Minoxidil: Why Some Derms are Turning to Pill Version of this Drug for Hairloss” where she talks about the differences between Oral and Topical Minoxidil for hair loss.  “Applying minoxidil topically also requires “more frequent hair washes…due to the effects on the appearance of one’s hair,” noted Dr. Green in the Healthline article. “It also makes the hair dry and susceptible to breakage.”

prp male hair loss patient

The medication option is deemed off-label currently and there are some potential risks or side effects with it, so it is important to talk with a doctor about this, but she does believe it will be FDA approved at some point. Dr. Green was also quoted in the article about that potential change – “The use of oral minoxidil is increasing in popularity, as more studies show its efficacy, I believe it will get FDA approval for treating hair loss.”

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