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Has Covid-19 been the cause of hair loss for many? Certainly seems that way says the NY Times in today’s article “What to Do if You’re Experiencing Hair Loss After Covid” though the good news is that it’s most likely temporary.

Doctors say they too have noticed a surge in patients and Dr. Green was interviewed by the Times in this piece where she mentions “I have never seen anything like it in my life,” and that “I’m seeing more male and female patients, from every age group, every working profession. It’s really been across the board.” Telogen effluvium can occasionally set off other types of more permanent hair loss, such as female-pattern baldness or male-pattern baldness which can be treated with PRP for example.  But in some cases, hair loss can be caused by a thyroid problem or autoimmune disorder, Dr. Green said in the article.

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Find out more about Hair Loss post-Covid and long term effects here in the NY Times article, and read more about hair loss treatment options with Dr. Green.

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