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A common question in the hot months that we hear is “Does Sunscreen Prevent You From Tanning?” asked top dermatologists including Dr. Michele Green who notes that “sunscreen works by blocking and absorbing harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that would otherwise be absorbed by your skin, causing skin damage like sunburns and potentially skin cancer.” however, does not mean it will always work, for instance it can expire over time “Sunscreens usually have an expiration date, and once that expiration date has passed, the sunscreen begins to break down and may no longer be as protective against the sun as it was before,” she says. “In addition, sunscreen needs to be stored in a cool, dry place. When sunscreen is stored at high temperatures, the sunscreen becomes less stable and eventually starts degrading.”

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She is also featured in article about the correct usage of various skincare products on “The Correct Amount of Skincare Product to Use, According to Derms” where she mentions to the Byrdie team that “the right amount of toner should effectively be used for ‘problem areas’ such as the T-Zone.” If you have dry or combination skin, however, she says that you may not need to use as much toner, as it could further dry out your skin.”

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